This is a record of everything I’ve accepted money for writing since becoming a journalist. Last updated 6/13/19.

Freelance Writing

Forest Restoration for Fuel”, Stanford Social Innovation Review, 2/15/19 

Making Salty Water Drinkable Also Makes Brine,” Inside Science, 1/14/19

After caring for the critters at Woodland Park Zoo for more than 40 years, animal-rehab pioneer plans her retirement”, Seattle Times’ Pacific NW Magazine, 12/13/18

The bonus story of how Harmony Frazier panicked a plane full of passengers” Seattle Times’ Pacific NW Magazine, 12/13/18

The Decline of the Largest Aspen Colony in the World”, Inside Science, 10/17/18

'Strikingly' Effective at Fighting Cancer -- But at What Cost?”, Inside Science, 10/10/18

SPIT Lab Finds How Saliva Shapes Taste”, Inside Science, 8/20/18

Cocktails and Conservation Pair Perfectly at Seward Park Audubon Center”, Audubon, 8/16/18

Through Education and Research, a Second Life for Animal Contraband”, Undark, 7/18/18

Scientists Announce 10 New Moons for Jupiter”, Inside Science, 7/17/18

The Many Factors Behind Getting Food to People After a Disaster”, Inside Science, 6/18/18

Brain Activity Alternates While Walking”, Inside Science, 5/14/18

The Link Between Gray Hair and Viral Infections”, Inside Science, 5/3/18

What Rocket Science Explains About Whale Hearing”, Inside Science, 4/23/18

The Shark Poop Diet”, Inside Science, 4/6/18

Have Backyard Chickens Gone Too Free-Range?”, CityLab, 3/23/18

Brain Scans in the Courts: Prosecutor's Dream or Civil Rights Nightmare?”, Inside Science, 3/14/18

The Experimental Forest Where Scientists First Recognized Acid Rain”, Atlas Obscura, 3/13/18

Flooding: Water potential,” Nature, 3/16/16

'Inside Einstein's Mind': New TV Show Explores Journey to Relativity”, Live Science, 11/25/15

New 'Making North America' Series Explores Continent's Rich History”, Live Science, 11/11/15

Mooooove Over, Cows! Kangaroo Farts Warm the Earth, Too”, Live Science, 11/5/15

Baby Duck-Billed Dinos Unearthed in 'Dragon's Tomb' Nest”, Live Science, 10/14/15

It's a Monster! Apes Remember Scary Movie Scenes”, Live Science, 9/17/15

How Armored Dinosaur Got Its Bone-Bashing Tail”, Live Science, 9/11/15

Moose mortality: scientists try to explain mystery of animals’ decline”, The Guardian’s Observer Tech Monthly (internship), 5/1/15


6 Forensic Technologies of the Future”, SciShow, 6/9/19

Meet The Black Swallower: Nature's Top Competitive Eater”, SciShow, 6/1/19

How to Find Thousands of Oceanic Fossils in... Ohio?”, SciShow, 5/30/19

The Birds That Lived in The Age of Dinosaurs”, SciShow, 5/6/19

What Can You Actually Learn from Your Genome?”, SciShow, 4/10/19

Biofluorescence: A Neon World Hidden in Plain Sight”, SciShow, 3/21/19

The Most Extreme Complex Life in the World”, SciShow, 3/9/19

Is Australia Trying to Kill You?”, SciShow, 3/5/19

The Massive Flood That Triggered an Ice Age (w/ PBS Eons!)”, SciShow, 2/27/19

Why Can’t We Clone Endangered Species to Save Them?,” SciShow, 12/10/18

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Graduate School Work

Unfortunately, an error in website hosting means that much of my work from graduate school is not available. Here is what is available to read:

House calls to the Youth of Yesterday in El Salvador”, Science 151, 3/5/15

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